22 Tips How To Get Unstuck

Experts Say When You Feel
Stuck Change Is Coming...

Sometimes you can read something that can change how you feel. This is one of those books.

From the book, you'll get tips like:

  • Credit cards are overrated, learn how to live in a cash world!
  • Get moochers and freeloaders out your life!
  • Rent will get paid when you get paid!
  • Time to move your  ass and I don't mean a dance step!
  • Taking control of your most valuable asset..your MIND!

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22 Tips How To Get Unstuck

Book Overview

June, 2019

Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you got to this website. Maybe you found it by a google search or maybe you saw a review on Amazon. Maybe a friend referred you. Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure luck. But, however you got here, you have arrived, and without question, and in my opinion you were meant to find this website... something in You knows your Life is out of balance and you're not sure why you feel yucky inside...

If You Are Feeling Stuck
There's Only One Reason Why...

You are growing...it might not seem like it but you are... There's something in your life in which you need to make a decision whether or not you consciously know what it is. The decision will move you in another direction and you are worried. Many people feel stuck. They’re stuck because their lives are not MOVING in the direction they want to go or better yet the LACK of KNOWING where they want go.

They feel despair like “what’s the use, I can’t do anything about it,” whatever "IT" may be. But you don't have to feel despair. You want recognition, to feel safe and to have money in your bank account.

You Feel Like Life Is
Closing In On You...It's Only Temporary

Only you can make the decisions that move your life forward or backwards. You found this website because you feel stuck in your life on some level, however feeling stuck is normal as you travel down the highway of life. You’ll get to that intersection and wonder which way to go, left or right.

Most people feel stuck at some point in their life so you are not alone. You can actually grow from this experience and come out on the other side more confident, full of energy and have a purpose for your life.

Your MIND Is The #1 Cause
That Makes You Feel Like You Do.

I’m not a therapist or psychologist, but I do know the mind is powerful and will have you acting on auto pilot to situations that happen in your life. It’s your reaction to those situations that have you stuck and only you know what they are. Feeling stuck is due to a lack of decisions you need to make in your life. When you feel stuck you are actually growing as a person. If you think about past situations that had you stuck, you probably had some type of growth in your life.

The good news is you can change your mind anytime to get the peace you need. You have the abiity to feel good now not some future date. You have the ability now to turn your thoughts around so you can have a brighter future.

Being Stuck Is A Sure Sign Things Are Changing
In Your Life No Matter How Extreme The Circumstances.

The most extreme is you don’t want to be on earth anymore, however for some people not having money is the most extreme circumstance. The truth is you want to look beautiful, you want to feel secure, you want to feel important, you want recognition or maybe you just want love and you are worthy of all these things.

Everyone's Story Of Being Stuck
Is Different...

My Story...

Back in May of 2015 when life was good and I was earning lots of cash, I walked away from my highest paying client because she gave my assistant my raise and when I asked her why, she told me the assistant doesn’t earn as much and felt she needed it more. WTF! I thought well she’s hasn’t even been there a year and hadn't earned the raise and I've been there working hard ten years!

I Quit On The Spot...

I walked out and haven’t looked back. At first I didn’t feel it financially as I had a few dollars saved and my father had died the same year so I had a few extra dollars from the life insurance.

In 2016 my finances caught up with me, but I was more concerned with trying to finish a film that I was working on which put me deeper in debt. Sometimes I wished I had not walked out on the client, but I know now it was meant to be...so I could grow...and I have. Sometimes when bad things happen to us there's something good right around the corner, but I couldn't see it yet.

Bill Collectors Started Calling...

I wanted to crawl back to the client that I knew had hired another bookkeeper. A situation came up in which I manipulated (I can’t say too much because my existing client might find out) one of my client accounts. I basically used their invoices and took out a loan. I didn’t steal their identity or anything like that, I just used their unpaid invoices as collateral for the loan.

So Life Was Good...Until

The loan company payments started coming out of my checking account weekly. No problem yet because the payments were low and I could keep working on my other clients and my film. Soon the payments caught up with me at $1,000 per week and soon thereafter I would stop the payment so my business account wouldn’t become overdrawn. I knew if I did not pay the $10,000 that my client would find out and fire me along with reporting me to the police.

I Was Desperate...

The loan company started making collection calls and sending emails. I was sweating and couldn’t sleep because sooner or later they would email the client. I needed to pay the loan company and quick, but I didn’t have any cash and I couldn’t get any more loans against the invoices. That meant I had to ask my clients and family members for the money which I didn’t want to do. I used most of the loan money to pay credit cards which I will NEVER do again.

I Felt Stuck...

My life felt out of control and I thought I would go to jail if my client found out. I decided to take action and not be a victim. I asked one of my clients to pay a year in advance, got a loan from my sister and spouse and was able to pay the $10,000 in cash (in small chunks).

I Was Happy!

Life was better but I still had a problem with the creditors. All my money went to pay back the loan and my credit cards hadn’t been paid so my 756 credit score that I tried to hold onto for dear life, dropped to less than 600 within a span of less than 4 months. I couldn’t believe it! So I decided not to pay them and it was the best thing in the world I could've done!

Soon Thereafter I Decided To
Write A Short Book About My Journey
And Started This Website Skinny Books Publishing.

Since I created this website, I have received numerous emails from people telling me how my book has changed their thinking, their lives and how they handle their creditors. Some of them told me I saved them thousands of dollars, saved their health (due to less stress) and kept their marriages in tact (when there's a money problem there’s a spouse problem) and in various other ways...

When You Have Bills To Pay,
You Don’t Want To Read A Damn Book!
But Read These 22 Tips
It's Only 50 Skinny Pages

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Thank you Friend for reading!

Steph Wynne,

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Some of the tips come off harsh so please excuse me.  Just think of me as your big sister giving you some advice.  I don't know it all but I think I get my tips across.

DISCLAIMER: This book has bad some language to  emphasize certain points and  only certain words get the point across.

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Alaina P. - Hair Salon Owner

“Excellent! The Stuck book is very honest and has great tips. It definately gets to the point. This book got me off my ass! Thank you Steph the book is awesome!"

Jeff Dees - Owner - therealestateguy.com

Thanks Steph for the free money book. It was very real and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Kevin Kanes - Tech support -Spink.com

I was stuck in some serious shit! Read Steph's book and told the bill collectors to F-off! haha! Thanks Steph I appreciate you!

Jamie - Student/Entreprenuer

The moocher tip was good. I got a couple of brothers freeloading on my couch and garage. I told them both to get hell out in 30 days! Thanks Steph I feel relieved already!

Chapters Overview

Tell  Your Mind To Shut The Hell Up  (sthp)

Chapter One

Our minds can be our biggest enemy and when your mind starts to bring up a whole bunch of negative stuff...Tell your mind to shut the hell up! It's time to take control.

Read Books To Expand Your Mind

Chapter Two

If you want things to change in your life you must change. You must read or listen to audio books to learn more skills or to learn about yourself.

Get Off Your Ass

Chapter Three

It's time to give facebook and gaming a break. If you are stuck in front of any kind of screen it's time to move your ass!

Visualize Mind Movies

Chapter Four

Your mind is a 24/7 camera and audio recording system. That's why you have memories. Mind movies take you into the future where you see yourself as you really want to be.

Be Aware Of The Matrix

Chapter Five

The matrix is that place in you mind and body where you feel uneasy and your don't know why.

Learn New Skills To Earn More Money

Chapter Six

Aren't you tired of no cash in your bank account? It's time to learn some new skills so you can get paid!

About the author

My name is Steph Wynne and I’m the Publisher/Author
of Skinny Books Publishing.

Skinny Books Publishing came about because I didn't want to write books over 50 pages. I wanted to keep the books skinny and a quick read that would pack a powerful punch. I publish my books, however I'm open to publishing the books of other writers.

My personal goal for Skinny Books is to have 50 books under the publishing company with 10 of the books being mine!

We all have a book in us. My writing style is sci-fi and dramedy. I'm the Twightlight Zone, Blackmirror type of writer although my current books are self help books, but sci-fi is in my future.

I've been blessed to have several of my short stories turned into films that have been in film festivals around the world. I didn't wait for someone to shoot, direct and edit my films...I do that myself.