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They've been on a long vacation, but now they're coming home...


Jjaja is the pilot of the ship, and as they approach Earth, he sees a thick brown fog surrounding it, sort of like smog. "What the hell is that!" Jjaja yells, pointing at the Earth. "Sir, that is smog," the captain replies calmly.

"The humans don't care about our planet, sir. As a matter of fact, they think the planet belongs to them," the captain snickers, backing away just in case his superior wants to take a swing at somebody. He has a habit of doing that from time to time.

"Why those sorry mutha...," Jjaja mumbles, trying to keep his cool. "I want to be on the planet in 5 hours, do you hear me!" he yells at the captain, getting a little spit on the captain's face. "Yes, Sir!" the captain snaps back as he scurries away.

Jjaja turns back around and stares at the brown Earth.

"What have those humans done to our home," he thinks to himself. "We were only gone a few thousand years and this human fungus has polluted our world? Oh hell nah!" as he slams down a shot of tequila."

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