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They Are Not Evil (Amazon only)

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Rule number one - If she seems irritable and snappy leave her alone.

Rule number two - If she's laying around the house with a bad attitude leave her alone.

Rule number three - If she screams at you making you feel real dumb...well leave her alone.

When you mom, daughter, girlfriend, sister or wife trips out on you, just rememebr to leave them alone.

I wrote this book for fathers with daughters and how their menestrual cycles will drive you insane and her too because she doesn't know.

This book really applies to all females over 10 years old.

Read it and understand to just leave her alone. No worries she'll love you in a few days...

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What to do when she screams at you?

PMS is real. This ebook is about females but I wrote it for males.

Men will have to deal with females once a month when all hell breaks loose. Starting at age 10 and for forty years thereafter.