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Disgusted! A Message To Fat People - Don't Give Up! (Amazon only)

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It's hard to not eat cuz food is good!

It's tough out here if you got some extra weight.

I read somewhere or someone said "God sees the inside but people see the outside," and it's true.

Those Nextflix shows where the people say love is blind...well until they see someone they aren't attracted to.

So the outside is real! Everybody is sizing each other up, becuz personality will only take the weight so far.

This book is technical. I was writing all nice nice, but in the end no matter what anybody writes it's really up to the indiviudal to want to change.

There is something deeper going on. Like me I been smoking weed forever and I told myself I can't keep the weight off cuz I smoke and then get the munchies and then it's on! (I mean I aint that bad).

Thing is if I believe I keep the weight becuz I smoke weed...oh well so it is.

So I personally I have to change that belief!

Sometimes our minds are so...not nice...

It's a good read!

You'll get some nuggets, but not the one's you eat! Ha!


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