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Are you stuck still saying “I can do it all alone?”

Truth be told I'm there too...

It's sooo hard to delegate my work to other people.

The work I know they can do.

They say successful people delegate.

Not to say I'm not successful because in my eyes of a zillion projects I like what I do.

To me that's what success is.

Doing what I like to do but still making sure the bills are paid and not stressed out.

Been there and done that.

Aahhh getting that dose of momentum can have me up all night!

So am I "stuck" because I have so many projects going on that I might not live long enough to get them all completed? Actually that's not true...

I think that's what actually drives me.

My projects. I got at least 10 of 'em going on that are mostly entertainment media.

It's hard to relinquish control or maybe I tried with a few people and still ending up doing the project myself.

Yeah that's it.

They say the old way was when one person did everything alone. 

They say the new way is a mastermind group of at least 3 people and no more than 12.

They say the smaller the group the better.

Who's they? Internet guru's of course!

Anyway I'm a generalist and can't let go of the thought that one day I'll "hit an idea out of the park."

I love thinking of ideas that could be "the one."

That great idea, which, in my case will come in the form of words...this I'm sure.

Words are deep because you can write your own ticket to success in the form of a business plan.

Or write a script for a dope blockbuster film (working on it), the words could come in the form of a course or business investment proposal, words for a medical guide or whatever.

The point is words can get you paid!

I want the credit. I want the recognition.

Recognition is a word which I found out recently is needed in our much as air and water.

So in my mind I've already hit it out the park. It's just not in my bank account yet....well actually it is.

I can't wait on other people.

Maybe I need to grow a little more...but I'm excited!

Maybe I should fall in line with the other sheeple?

That ain't happnin'.

Am I still stuck saying “I can do it all alone?” 

Yeah I am and will!

For now anyway...