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When the grid goes down we will go Back to Analog...

While working I might have on background music or a video running and one evening I happened to tune into Jordan Maxwell.

Mr. Conspiracy theorist himself mentioned this guy Joseph Farrell so of course, I did a search.

Farrell is an interesting guy and a serious chain smoker.

He was smoking so much that I bet his poor lungs must cry every time he takes a puff…who am I to talk, one of the original potheads.

Anyway, Farrell was talking about the military going back to “some” analog systems in regards to ships and other analog equipment that could be affected if the grid goes down.

I thought well of course you should go back to analog!

Analog doesn’t have the digital signal that everyone loves.

Analog requires a physical person to operate the equipment.

This is wise because when the electrical grid goes down nothing digital will work. Nothing.

Thus keep your underground analog fiber optic phone line because it will work and your cell phone won’t when the grid goes down.

The fact that the military is going back to analog in some areas is an indicator that there’s something going on behind the scene.

It makes sense.

Why would you have a digital system that is so complicated that a person in a time of emergency would not be able to operate the machinery manually?

I remember the analog world and the millions of wires that came with it. I still have many of those wires.

Maybe wires will be the new gold. Ok I'm reaching.

Also when I say analog I don’t necessarily mean wires and cables. I mean manual labor of operating machines and equipment.

Like levers, dials, the pulling and turning of knobs.

Farrell was also talking about A.I. and how analog systems will be needed as some of the computer systems now and in the future won’t be understood or will be too complex for a human to operate thus a computer will do the work which is way too much A.I. power.

I’ve lived in a world without personal computers, however I’ve always been around mainframes before a PC or MAC saw the light of day.

From my perspective, as the world gets smaller because of the internet and the dependence on digital devices and information, it’s a matter of time before the system collapses under its own weight and then we will be back to analog.