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Is ChatGPT good or bad for writers? ChatGPT will change anything to do with words which is everything!

I thought I'd check out ChatGPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) gezzy no wonder it's an acronym!

Anyway ChatG (my short name) is not a social media network like instagram or facebook or is it Meta now? Anyway it's a writers dream or nightmare and more.

I would say it's not a google competitor, but I guess it depends on how you use it.

For me me it could be good with assisting with writing a book, script, proposal, employee guide, a law case etc. just think of ChapGPT as a re-writer of your words based on your input.

People that have a certain "mindset" or skills will thrive with ChatGPT!

It's quite the intellectual based on how I would use it. Like I'm playing chess with words.

I can see writers and people who love words like me could be in trouble.

Because what about recognition?

I read somewhere that recognition is like breathing. We need it. You know, the pat on the back, the "you are the best" and all that...

So now you have ChatGPT writing all your words and you get the recognition on the outside but on the inside your mind will remind you that the computer did it for you.

Unless you gave its something to work with. What if you have nada? No problem just give it a few key words. This tech is not new, just a little different...

With spell check and sentence re-write, ahhh it's a writers heaven and hell..and much more really... Schools hate it!

So how ghetto can it get? Please! It will toss out rap lyrics based on Tupac's style. I saw Patrick Bet-David do it on one of his vids...Thing is you have to tell it what you want and give it more help with keywords or sentences.

If I type "rewrite my book in Oprah Winfrey style" and then paste I past my book chapter I'm sure it will analyze my words via some type of algorithm and come out with something probably much doper....maybe not! But grammar and spell check will due.

I can't be giving love to my A.I. ChatG for my creativity! See this will be a problem. I need my pat on the back and AI ain't got no arms! Well not yet!

But money probably will over rule that!

So do I really do want my recognition as a "original writer?"

Like now, I should take what I'm typing and paste it into ChatGPT. It will come back error free and better written. I could tell the app to make it sound like a British detective...and the words would reflect that...It's deep.

I see this could be a problem and blessing...there's so much more...

This is the beginning of a different type of internet revolution...this is sort of like when Google came on the scene...actually Yahoo...

Anyway I'm just giving my two cents.