I was Stuck

The All I wanted was to get out the situation I was in...

My Story

Back in May of 2015, when life was good and I was earning lots of cash, I walked away from my highest paying client because she gave my assistant my raise and when I asked her why, she told me the assistant doesn’t earn as much and felt she needed it more. WTF! I thought well she’s hasn’t even been there a year and hadn't earned the raise and I've been there working hard ten years!

I Quit On The Spot...

I walked out and haven’t looked back. At first I didn’t feel it financially as I had a few dollars saved and my father had died the same year so I had a few extra dollars from the life insurance.

In 2016 my finances caught up with me, but I was more concerned with trying to finish a film that I was working on which put me deeper in debt. Sometimes I wished I had not walked out on the client, but I know now it was meant to be...so I could grow...and I have. Sometimes when bad things happen to us there's something good right around the corner, but I couldn't see it yet.

Bill Collectors Started Calling...

I wanted to crawl back to the client that I knew had hired another bookkeeper. A situation came up in which I manipulated (I can’t say too much because my existing client might find out) one of my client accounts. I basically used their invoices and took out a loan. I didn’t steal their identity or anything like that, I just used their unpaid invoices as collateral for the loan.

So Life Was Good...Until

The loan company payments started coming out of my checking account weekly. No problem yet because the payments were low and I could keep working on my other clients and my film. Soon the payments caught up with me at $1,000 per week and soon thereafter I would stop the payment so my business account wouldn’t become overdrawn. I knew if I did not pay the $10,000 that my client would find out and fire me along with reporting me to the police.

I Was Desperate...

The loan company started making collection calls and sending emails. I was sweating and couldn’t sleep because sooner or later they would email the client. I needed to pay the loan company and quick, but I didn’t have any cash and I couldn’t get any more loans against the invoices. That meant I had to ask my clients and family members for the money which I didn’t want to do. I used most of the loan money to pay credit cards which I will NEVER do again.

I Felt Stuck...

My life felt out of control and I thought I would go to jail if my client found out. I decided to take action and not be a victim. I asked one of my clients to pay a year in advance, got a loan from my sister and spouse and was able to pay the $10,000 in cash (in small chunks).

I Was Happy!

Life was better but I still had a problem with the creditors. All my money went to pay back the loan and my credit cards hadn’t been paid so my 756 credit score that I tried to hold onto for dear life, dropped to less than 600 within a span of less than 4 months. I couldn’t believe it! So I decided not to pay them and it was the best thing in the world I could've done!

Soon Thereafter I Decided To Write A Short Book
About My Journey And Started This Website
Skinny Books Publishing.

Since I created this website, I have received numerous emails from people telling me how my book has changed their thinking, their lives and how they handle their creditors. Some of them told me I saved them thousands of dollars, saved their health (due to less stress) and kept their marriages in tact (when there's a money problem there’s a spouse problem) and in various other ways...

Readers Sleep Better At Night!