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Some people can look at the covers and tell why I created two titles... I wrote this book while coming out of a hellish situation and wanted it to appeal to two groups of people...

I was in a situation that had me feeling stuck with no light in sight. I didn't like it and I didn't like my checking account being gouged weekly. Yes it was my fault but I still didn't like it. I have debt like most folks but this one situation that was 10k was seriously haunting me. The other bill collectors I didn't care as much about because they couldn't access my checking account. I know 10,000 (10k) isn't much for some folks and a lot to others but for me it was hell! I got the money because I "asked" for it and got it in unlikely places. I asked family, friends, and clients and I normally don't ask anyone for anything if possible. I got the cash within about 3 weeks and life is better. The point is I learned more about myself with that situation. Now when situations come up I think about the 10k and tell myself the new situation ain't shit! One thing that really helped me was reading and listening to self-improvement information. That was the real transformation because when I realized that the situation was truly my fault and not the bill collectors, things changed and I look at life differently. I wrote this book because these are the tips that helped me. If any of these tips help you then I've done my job!




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